Photo Submission (Awards Ceremony Montage)

At least 10 high resolution show photos to appear in the montage during the ceremony. All participating schools will be represented in this montage. Please be sure to submit photos so we may include your school.

Please create an archive (.zip) that contains all your photos. For each file name, be sure and include the school’s name and the show title (School-Name_Show-Title.JPG). Each photo will need a unique name, so you may add a number after the show title to create unique file names. Learn more about archives and making .zip files.

  • Submit at least 10 high quality photos to appear in the montage at the ceremony. Create an archive (.zip) that contains all your chosen montage photos. Learn more about archives and making .zip files. You may also drop or select photos individually and place in the area below. Max file size total for this page submission is 128MB. If your photos total more than that, you may need to submit the form twice.
    Drop files here or