Pollyanna Theatre

The Secret of the Soap and Spin

May 12 - May 20

Event Details

  • Sat, May 12
    2:00 pm
  • Sun, May 13
    2:00 pm
  • Sat, May 19
    2:00 pm
  • Sun, May 20
    2:00 pm

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Pollyanna Theatre Company presents The Secret of the Soap and Spin, May 12 – 20 in Rollins Studio Theatre.

Are there really secrets lurking in the dusty corners of the local laundromat? Melanie is a second grader who lives two apartments away from Victor, a fourth grader. They play together a lot—especially on laundry day. But when they meet a mysterious fifth grader named Annie, she challenges them to find out if the rumors are true: is the old, broken down blue dryer in the back of the local laundromat really a portal to another world?

The trio goes on a journey to see what they can discover about some people who have gone missing—including Victor’s mother—without getting caught by “The Broom,” the grumpy, old guy who runs the laundromat. Everyone knows you can’t get inside a dryer, but no one knows what might come out of one! Graham’s newest play for Pollyanna Theatre is an imaginative and poignant story about children bravely coaching each other through the difficult (and sometimes soapy) waters of growing up.

About Pollyanna Theatre Company

Pollyanna Theatre Company Productions respect the intelligence of children and offer hope to individuals of all ages. Pollyanna supports general education through teaching, using theatre as a methodology across the curriculum. Pollyanna believes that it is possible to create a theatre organization where creativity thrives, where new dramatic literature is created, where general education is supported, where artists find a creative home, and where no child is turned away because of their inability to pay for their ticket.

Questions? Call the 3M Box Office at (512) 474-LONG (5664), TTY (800) 735-2989.