Sabor Flamenco

Jun 30 - Jul 2

Event Details

  • Fri, Jun. 30
    8:00 pm
  • Sat, Jul. 1
    8:00 pm
  • Sun, Jul. 2
    3:00 pm

All Ages

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A’lante Flamenco presents Sabor Flamenco, June 30 – July 2 in Rollins Studio Theatre.

The smell of sizzling garlic, the earthy taste of red wine—now add the sounds of rapid-fire hand clapping, feet pounding the floor, and guitars strumming to the plaintive sounds of flamenco singing. Expect all those sensory treats and more in A’lante Flamenco’s newest work, Sabor Flamenco, June 30 – July 2! Flamenco was born in the family kitchens of Andalucia, where songs were shared while the soup simmered. A’lante takes flamenco back to the kitchen in their most lighthearted show yet, sharing joy, sorrow, and laughter over a few good recipes shared with the audience! And as always, award-winning A’lante Flamenco brings their high-energy artistry to the stage with music and dance by the 10-member company.

  • Official website for A’lante Flamenco.
  • Please note: dinner will not be served at this performance!

About A’lente Flamenco

A’lante Flamenco Ensemble, based out of Austin, Texas, excites audiences with a blend of traditional and contemporary flamenco music and dance. A’lante Flamenco was formed in 2011 by Artistic Director/Choreographer Olivia Chacón and Music Director Isaí Chacón with the object of presenting flamenco to Texas and regional audiences in the freshest and most creative way possible. Since then A’lante Flamenco has grown in both size and vision, now incorporating 11 permanent members–7 dancers and 4 musicians–and producing popular traditional flamenco shows as well as innovative flamenco theater works incorporating multimedia and addressing relevant social issues. A’lante Flamenco’s work aims to reach audiences on a visceral level, provoking emotional responses through music and dance that crosses cultural and linguistic boundaries.

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