Long Center Presents

Noah & The MegaFauna

Apr 11

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  • Wed, Apr. 11
    7:30 pm

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Long Center Concert Club presents Noah & The MegaFauna, Wednesday, April 11 in Rollins Studio Theatre.

“Obvious comparisons to Django Reinhardt will be made, but their musical ethos is also reminiscent of bands like Beirut, or Devotchka. As artists, Noah and his crew know what they are doing and seem comfortable attempting such a brave fusion… This cabaret for the apocalypse still qualifies as fun cerebral pop and the kind of musical experiment that yields great results.” —Popmatters

When frontman Noah Lit was faced with the collapse of his former indie rock band Oliver Future, he took what he saw as the only next logical step, put aside the electric guitar, and dive into the world of acoustic gypsy jazz. As he dug deeper into the dizzying scales, arpeggios and antiquated chords and patterns, Lit found a concealed wealth of songs surfacing in a form that quickly became Noah & The MegaFauna. His new sound: a clamorous whiskey filled raucousness of sing-a-longs on the eve of destruction. The sophomore album, The Pale Blue Dot, builds on the success and aesthetic of his 2012 debut release Anthems For A Stateless Nation, but while Anthems For A Stateless Nation was firmly rooted in big band jazz and older world folk, The Pale Blue Dot represents a departure from Charles-Mingus-meets-Tom-Waits vibe of their debut and finds the band flexing their orchestral indie rock chops.

The nine-piece, live big-band is a force that goes beyond the records. Lighting up bars and clubs in Austin, Los Angeles and New York City, the band has made fans and followers all over the country.

Long Center Concert Club

The 2017-2018 season of Concert Club is upon us, just overflowing with Austin talent! This year members will enjoy a special cabaret-style seating setup, making the experience more intimate and special than ever, as well as a complimentary buffet in the AT&T Education Room prior to each concert. Support of Concert Club underwrites rental costs in the Rollins through the Redd Carpet Initiative, a program that underwrites expenses for small and emerging locally-based arts organizations.


Questions? Call the 3M Box Office at (512) 474-LONG (5664), TTY (800) 735-2989.


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