Long Center Presents

Body & Soul

May 16

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  • Thu, May 16
    8:00 pm

All Ages

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Body & Soul stands for the perfect combination of strength, lyricism and the deepest understanding of the art of Flamenco.

Carlos Piñana (guitar) comes from a long line of dazzling flamenco artists in Alicante, Spain.  His five-member ensemble includes two guitarists, two dancers, and – by special request – his world-renowned brother, cantaor Curro Piñana.  Carlos’ explosive style blends ultimate authenticity with contemporary idiom to create this unique Body & Soul project.  Join us for a journey to Spain and back in one dynamic, colorful, magnificent evening of flamenco dance, music and song.

Body & Soul – or matter and spirit – interrelates two apparently antithetical concepts into a single dialectical being which reflects the essence of music and its elusiveness – here and now. Body & Soul represents a mystic journey into the depths of Flamenco, a culture whose spiritus movens is music.  Music is the beginning and the end of all things.

The two main pillars of flamenco, music and dance, or the body and the soul as an ideal combination, are portrayed in this project. Its author, Carlos Piñana, unveils the peculiar meaning of Flamenco based on dualisms: joy-sadness, love-hate, life-death.

The guitar represents the soul, which hides the most subtle shades of feelings translated into different styles of Flamenco music.  Carlos Piñana combines traditional flamenco forms with his individual and charismatic style, to form a musical masterpiece of extraordinary virtuosity.

The dance, stands for the body and becomes a visualization of emotional states and their variability, empowered by the sound of the guitar. Nadia Márquez’s stage presence, strength and personality complement to perfection Carlos’ music.  Curro Piñana’s voice is the magical thread that tells the story of Body and Soul.  Finally, the rhythms stemming from Miguel Angel Orengo’s percussions materialize the heartbeat of this mystical being.

  • Tickets are now SOLD OUT for the pre-show Spanish dinner in the Kodosky Donor Lounge, but you can still join us for the free City Terrace reception.
  • The dinner in the Kodosky Donor Lounge begins at 6:30pm.
  • Official Website of Carlos Piñana

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