photo credit: Suzanne Cordeiro

The Greater Austin High School Musical Theatre Awards values the volunteer adjudication program as the core resource supporting its mission.

The objective of the Greater Austin High School Musical Theatre Awards program is to create visibility for high school arts programs and generate an event that builds community while celebrating excellent work by teachers and students. Each school is evaluated independently based on how well it meets its potential, given that schools have varying levels of financial resources, school support, and community involvement. Adjudicators follow a detailed rubric outlining each category of evaluation.

Please read the Adjudicator Rules and Procedures to learn what is required of judges. You may also read the 2017-18 Guidelines & Procedures to learn what is expected of participating schools.

Performance Scheduling

A performance scheduling form will be available for adjudicators very soon.

Corporate Giving
Scoring and Evaluation

Judges can access the Scoring and Evaluation Form for productions here (updated soon). These evaluations must be filled out within three days (72 hours) of seeing each adjudicated production.

Contact awards@thelongcenter.org if you have any questions or comments.

Final Meeting

All adjudicators must attend a mandatory meeting on Feb 17-18, 2018. 

The Greater Austin High School Musical Theatre Awards are presented by the Long Center for the Performing Arts with the University of Texas at Austin College of Fine Arts and ZACH Theatre, in partnership with the Austin Aztex, Scholarship Sponsor Wells Fargo, Founding Sponsors Carolyn and Marc Seriff.