Photo Submission (Nomination Photos)

If your school is eligible for nomination in any category, please submit a photo that exemplifies the category. This will be used on the large screen onstage during the ceremony should you receive the award. For example, if you are eligible for nomination in Outstanding Scenic Design, submit a photo of the set. If you are eligible for nomination for Outstanding Actor in a Lead Role, submit a photo of the actor. If you are eligible for nomination for Outstanding Orchestra, submit a photo of the orchestra in the pit. Please think ahead and take photos during the run of your show in case you are nominated.

Please fill out this form with the link to your photos.

We request that you use either Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other cloud storage that is easy for us to access to upload your photos. Link to Google drive or Dropbox can be accepted, use the same google form / link for photos. Here’s an example of what would be extremely helpful for us when looking for your photos. Please  be sure to title them correctly (School-Name_Category_Student Name).

If you would please create a main folder with sub folders for each of the different photo submissions that would be great. You only need to share the link to the main folder which will grant us access to all the folders nested inside – making it easier for us to get to your photos through the season.