Video Reel Submissions

Guidelines for Video Reel submission

  1. VHS tapes will NOT be accepted.
  2. Videos should be under 10 minutes in length.
  3. Must be a single or two-camera shot. No multi-shot videos will be accepted.

Include each of the following sections in the order outlined below:

1. Production Number (up to 3 minutes)
2. Technical Elements (up to 1 minute)

Student nominees (up to 1 minute per student) – Be sure it says character and student names
3. Lead Actor Nominees
4. Lead Actress Nominees
5. Supporting Actor Nominees
6. Supporting Actress Nominees
7. Featured Performer Nominees

8. Free Form (up to 3 minutes) – (scene work, more focus on a specific performer, show chemistry between performers, small group number, orchestra focus, etc.)

Choose one form of submission:

1. DVD mailed to the Long Center (use highest quality DVD)
2. Upload to Youtube as an “unlisted” video (use highest quality upload) DO NOT save at “private”

Choose one method of segment labeling:

Label each section so we know exactly what we are watching. For individuals, include full name and character name.

1. Label each section with titles on the video – be sure to include actor names and character names.
2. Submit typed section guide sheet (using counter numbers with minutes: seconds)

Please use this form to upload your videos!