Check List for Directors

Check List for Directors 2017-2018


  • School Application Form – Thursday September 7
  • Student/Parent Liaison Form – Thursday September 14
  • Attend Information Session – Wednesday September 27
    Directors and Parent Liaisons 7-8:30 – Long Center
    Student Liaisons 7-9:30 – Long Center
  • Performance Details Form – One month prior to your first performance
  • Rehearsal Photos/Videos – Student Social Media Liaison posts with proper hashtags
  • Put GAHSMTA ad in your program – Found on “school” section of the website
  • Reserve seats for Adjudicators and Directors – Email requests will be sent the Monday before you open
  • Scholarship Application (Teacher Submission) – Teacher submit two students online by Friday February 2
  • T-Shirt Orders Form – Friday February 9
  • Video Reel Submission – 2 weeks after final performance or by Monday February 12
  • Archival Video of Production – 2 weeks after final performance or by Monday February 12
  • Photo Submissions (10-20 rehearsal/show photos for Nomination Day slideshow) – 2 weeks after final performance or by Thursday February 15
  • Student Scholarship Application – Selected students complete application by Monday February 19
  • Video Reel Viewing by Adjudicators (ALL REELS SUBMITTED) – Friday February 23
  • Photo Submission (High Resolution 300 dpi Full Company group photo for program) – Monday February 26
  • DO NOT ship your box of orchestra books back after your show. We will contact the license company to ensure you do not get charged.

Event 7am-8am Tuesday March 6 at the Long Center

  • Select 2-5 students to attend nomination Event Tuesday March 6 at 7am
  • Bring your box of orchestrations to the nomination Event. If you were nominated for Lead Actor, Lead Actress, and/or Best Production, we will keep the books. Otherwise, you may ship them back after this day.
  • Take home banner and certificates
  • Take home Information Packet
  • Take home Ticket Order Information
  • Take home Media Release Forms


  • Ticket Orders Preliminary Requests  – Friday March 9
  • Individual Nominee Form (For all individual nominees) Friday March 9
  • Awards Acceptance Form (Decide which student(s) will accept each award for which you are nominated) – Friday March 9
  • Finale Participants Form (Choose 2 students to represent your school singing and dancing in the closing number) – Friday March 9
  • Photo Submission (Nomination Photos – one per nomination for Ceremony screen) – Friday March 9
  • Photo Submission (Ceremony Montage Photos – at least 10) – Wednesday March 21
  • Student Design Award Application Form (for students who did the majority of a project on their production) Wednesday March 21
  • Program Grant Application (Schools may apply for a grant for the following year’s musical) – Wednesday March 21
  • Begin Rehearsals for Nominated Students & Finale Participants (check full schedule) – Friday March 23
  • Public tickets on sale date – Monday March 26
  • Training Scholarship Applications (for students interested in scholarships to various training programs) – Thursday March 29
  • Director’s Meeting (mandatory for all participating schools) – weekend prior to Awards Ceremony week
  • Media Release Forms Due – At Director’s meeting the weekend prior to Awards Ceremony week


  • Best Musical Nomination Form (8 schools nominated for Best Production) – Wednesday March 21
  • Work with GAHSMTA Directors to select a number for the ceremony
  • Work with GAHSMTA Directors to find a minimum 2-hour rehearsal time (Monday March 19 – Thursday March 29)
  • Procure costumes and scenery for ceremony
  • Director’s Meeting – Sunday April 15th
  • Director’s Sitz with Orchestra – Sunday April 15th
  • Drop off Scenery (scheduled through Production Manager) – Sunday prior to the Awards Ceremony week
  • Drop off Costumes Either with Scenery or upon arrival for Ceremony rehearsal April 18