Best Musical Nominee Information Form

Keep the following points in mind:

  • Production Numbers will be performed in costumes from the show.
  • The GAHSMTA Directors will schedule a clinic/rehearsal at each of the nominated schools to prepare for the transition to the Long Center stage. Please bring a copy of your licensing agreement and all of your media release forms.
  • Directors MUST attend or send a representative to attend the Director’s meeting.
  • Orchestra Sitz Probe will either be Saturday or Sunday prior to the week of the Awards Ceremony. Lead singers should plan to attend. Directors may attend to hear their songs played.
  • Scenery/Prop Load-In is on the Sunday prior to the week of the Awards Ceremony as scheduled through the Production Manager.
  • Students performing in microphones are requested to attend evening rehearsals the week of the Awards Ceremony.
  • On stage rehearsal will happen during the day of the Awards Ceremony starting at 10am. Students and directors will need to make arrangements to attend an all-day rehearsal.
  • All participating students must must fill out the KXAN release form and the Long Center media release form. Forms will be handed out at Nomination Day Event and should be copied, signed, and returned at the Director’s Meeting.
  • GAHSMTA must have a copy of your licensing agreement.
  • Performance Information

    GAHSMTA Directors will consult with each school regarding the production number to be performed during the Awards Ceremony. It must be under 5 minutes. GAHSMTA reserves the right of final approval of the chosen number.
  • There will be up to 10 body mics available to each nominated school for speaking/solo singing ONLY. Please type in the Student Name and Character Name for each person with a solo or speaking role. Area mics will pick up group vocals.

    Student Name Character Name  
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  • Please provide a brief description of the scenery/props you would like to bring.
  • Please provide the name of the student (not performing) who will introduce the number (under 30 seconds) to the audience.
  • Please write out your introduction as it will appear in our script.
  • Please provide the lyrics to your production number for the GAHSMTA script.
  • Student Production Team

    Please assign 1 student Stage Manager and 1 Student Stagehand. They must be able to attend rehearsals beginning Saturday April 8. The student SM will be the main line of communication between your school performing group and the GAHSMTA Stage Management Team. The student Stagehand will be the crew head for your school's set-up and strike and will become one of the 7 other stagehands for the other 7 school numbers. They will be under the supervision/guidance of professional stagehands.

  • In the following fields, please name all of the students participating in your school's production number as they should appear in the program.