2018 Pass The Hat Challenge

Click the pic of the Senior of your choice to donate for their chance at a $1000 scholarship to the school of their choice! Challenge ends midnight of April 18.

The 5th Annual Greater Austin High School Musical Theatre Awards (GAHSMTA) haven’t happened yet, but we’re already missing the 17 senior members of the Select Ensemble! Their hard work and dedication have impressed all of us, and that’s why we’re so excited about this year’s Pass The Hat Challenge.

Each student has the week before to share and promote the challenge online before passing the hat—literally—during the intermission on the big night itself to help raise money in support of the GAHSMTAs.

And whoever raises the most money will get a $1000 scholarship to the school of their choice, generously underwritten by Long Center Trustee Aaron Percy! The recipient will be announced a few days later, so stay tuned—and good luck!

Introducing your Select Ensemble Graduating Class of 2018

Click the photo below to donate to that student. Share this page far and wide to help!

Keaton Brandt
McNeil HS

Aodhan Brazil
East View HS

Maddie Brimmer
Lake Travis HS

Sara Gray
Leander HS

Abigail Holtfort
Cedar Park

Megan Hudson

Rachel James
Florence HS

Jonah Klepinger
Cedar Ridge HS

Alexis Lilley
St. Andrew’s Episcopal

Diego Longoria
Cedar Ridge HS

Stone Mountain
St. Andrew’s Episcopal School

Lexi Roa
Cedar Ridge HS

Kat Sheehan
Vista Ridge HS

Grace Stephens
Vista Ridge HS

Riley Sugrue
James Bowie HS

Kiara Thomas
Cedar Creek HS

Savannah Wolfe
Cedar Ridge HS


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