eyeGO to the Arts FAQ

1. What is eyeGO to the Arts?
eyeGO is a program that is designed to encourage high school students to attend performances in the Arts, such as theatre, musical theatre, music and dance. Upon presentation of a student ID (or eyeGO card), they can purchase tickets for $5.

2. How can I find out about show listings and times?
Check out a list of all available eyeGO shows on our website.

3. If I buy an eyeGO ticket will I have bad seats?
Nope! eyeGO tickets are sold on a best available basis. If you buy your tickets early enough you could have the best seats in the house!

4. How can I buy tickets?
The best way is to go to the box office and ask for an eyeGO ticket. If you don’t want to go to the box office, you can reserve your tickets ahead of time by calling the box officeor purchasing them online, but they will be subject to an additional  fee. You must show your student card when you pick your ticket up. Will Call is mandatory.

5. Can I buy tickets for friends?
You can, but the tickets will not be released until they arrive and show the box office their student ID.

6. Do I have to get dressed up to go to an eyeGO to the Arts performance?
No. Clothes that are appropriate at school are also fine for a performance. You will see people dressed casually sitting beside people who have dressed up. Learn more about attending performances at the Long Center.

7. Will I be guaranteed an eyeGO ticket if I ask for one?
No. There are only a certain number of seats made available for eyeGO tickets for each Long Center Presents show. However, the box office is not obligated to hold those tickets for eyeGO students, so if the show is selling well with adult audiences then those seats may be sold. Bottom line – if you want an eyeGO ticket you have to get it before the show sells out!

8. Is there a limit to how many tickets I can buy?
You may buy tickets for as many performances as you want, though you may only buy 1 ticket per show, per student ID. 1 eyeGO ticket per student ID per event. Exceeding this limit voids the entire order.

9. As a parent, if I have a child who is not yet in high school, can I purchase an eyeGO ticket for them?
No. This program is designed to encourage high school students to choose to see performances as a form of recreation. It is based on the student making an independent decision to see performances and therefore is not appropriate for younger children. However, in this case, with eyeGO in place your overall ticket costs will diminish. We’re currently working on a similar program for college students – stay tuned!

10. Who can I ask if I have a question about eyeGO?
Contact Becky Liendo for more information.

11. Is there a fee for buying eyeGO tickets?
There are fees when purchasing online or over the phone, fees are waived when purchasing at the box office. Please call the 512-474-LONG for more information.

12. Can I have my tickets emailed/mailed to me?
No. Tickets are available at WILL CALL ONLY with a valid high school student ID. To request an eyeGO card, please visit the box office with proof of eligibility.

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