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Annie Leibovitz | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

How to Get Your Signed (Signed!) Edition of Annie Leibovitz’s “Portraits: 2005 – 2016”

The one and only Annie Leibovitz, the photographer who has practically created the looks, feels and voices of the nation’s major magazines—we’re talking Vogue, Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone. Add that she’s only traveling to Austin (!), Dallas, Toronto, New York and London, and this becomes one event you cannot miss. And better yet? You can ensure that you get a signed edition of her newest compendium before it even hits the shelves. Read More ›

Bill Murray, Jan Vogler & Friends | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

Watch out 2018 — The Long Center Winter/Spring Season Is Packing Some Very Murray Punches!

Hold on to your seats! Our 2018 Winter/Spring season of programming has been announced, and we’ve got all the international acts, black box experiences, and big personalities you’ve been looking for. Check out our newest lineup! Read More ›

Kaki King | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

Kaki King is Really Really Cool And Here’s Why You Should Believe Us

If you don’t know Kaki King by now, you should. From her custom designed Ovation guitars to her permanent acrylic string-picking nails to her penchant for bridging the gap between the musical and visual arts, she’s just really really cool. And you don’t have to just take our word for it—there are still a few seats left for her September 16th appearance in our Rollins Studio Theatre performing The Neck Is A Bridge To The Body, a multimedia production that you kind of have to see to believe. Read More ›

Carrie Rodriguez | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

Singer-Songwriter Carrie Rodriguez Kicks Off the 17-18 Long Center Concert Club Season

August is passing fast this year, but we’re not too sorry to see it go because the end of the month brings the first show of the 17-18 Long Center Concert Club season! Tucked away in our cozy black box theatre, Concert Club brings you live, local music with the hum and lights of downtown but without the crowds. Five times each year, we feature local artists ranging from rock to jazz to country in our intimate Rollins Studio Theatre, this year beginning with Carrie Rodriguez, August 30th. (Almost sold out!) Read More ›

Star Wars: A New Hope | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

Gear Up for ‘The Last Jedi’ with ‘Star Wars: A New Hope,’ In Concert

The most anticipated move of the year is arriving in a galaxy near you this December. Gear up for Star Wars: The Last Jedi with a full screening of A New Hope with John Williams’ iconic score played live by the Austin Symphony Orchestra. Experience the sound of a galaxy we just can’t forget, October 11 & 12. Read More ›

Shopkins Live! Shop it Up! | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

From Toy Shelves to Center Stage — Shopville Comes to Life in ‘Shopkins Live! Shop It Up!’

It’s happening—the Shopkins are jumping off the toy shelves and heading for the bright lights of center stage! Those miniature figures modeled after groceries and household items that your child has been avidly collecting for years are getting a LIVE SHOW, Shopkins Live! Shop It Up!, coming to the Long Center October 21st. Here’s a first look. Read More ›

Manual Cinema: Lula Del Ray | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

Not-Your-Average Puppet Show – The Quirky Minds of Manual Cinema Give Us ‘Live Film’

So, what’s Manual Cinema all about? Originally hailing from the University of Chicago, this group of like-minded artists combine handmade shadow puppetry, cinematic techniques, and innovative sound and music to create immersive visual stories for stage and screen. But who are the quirky minds behind Manual Cinema’s spectral mystique? September 13 & 14, this troupe brings their coming-of-age story Lula Del Ray to our Rollins Studio Theatre. Read More ›

From Page to Stage, Alison Bechdel Continues to Draw Us In With ‘Fun Home’

Based on cartoonist Alison Bechdel’s real life events depicted in her best-selling graphic memoir of the same name (you’ve probably seen it in your local bookstore), Fun Home introduces us to Alison at three different stages of her life. But who is the real Alison, and what prompted her to share her life with millions? Read More ›

Kaki King | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

Become a Season Ticket Holder and Save

Did you know that the more you go to the Long Center, the more you save? If you’re already planning to attend one show in our 2017 Summer/Fall Season (just announced!), pick and choose two more shows and you’ll save 10% OFF the cost of every ticket! Here’s what we have in store at the Long Center until 2018 arrives. Read More ›

The Piano Guys | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

From YouTube to Stage, Take a Look At the Guys BEHIND the Piano

What began as a social media tactic to gain exposure for a piano store spiraled into a viral musical sensation, filled with all the mash-ups and classical-pop crossover tunes we could ever hope for. That YouTube sensation was The Piano Guys, and they’re heading to Austin August 23rd to perform for us on Dell Hall stage. Take a look at what they can do. Read More ›

Sound & Cinema | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

As Summer Heats Up So Does All Summer Long!

We don’t need to tell you that Austin’s summer continues to sizzle with temperatures reaching the high ’90s and above, daily! Don’t miss your chance to cool off with the rest of our FREE All Summer Long events. We’re halfway through the summer and still some great times to be had—here’s how we’re rounding out our August. Read More ›

Annie Leibovitz | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

Behind The Lens: The Matchless Annie Leibovitz is at the Long Center, November 13th

Annie Leibovitz, “one of the most aesthetically gifted photographers alive,” according to The Guardian, is headed to the Long Center November 13th. Photographer of monarchs, cultural icons and activists, Leibovitz is in Austin at the Long Center to celebrate her new book “Annie Leibvoitz: Portraits 2005 – 2016.” Tickets are on sale now. Read More ›