Long Story Short

From the Top | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

In Three… Two… One… NPR’s From the Top is Going Live

“I didn’t actually know what the show was, really,” said Meekyoung Lee, the Long Center’s Education and Outreach Coordinator. At the age of 18 she was chosen to perform on “From the Top” as a high schooler from Michigan — a very big deal. And this Sunday, NPR’s “From the Top with Host Christopher O’Riley” will be doing a live taping in Dell Hall. Read More ›

Let It Be | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

“Hi Mother!” — The Humor Behind The Beatles’ Mop-Top Fame

Candlestick Park. Shea Stadium. The roof of Apple Studios. The Beatles’ major and iconic concert appearances are legendary — even if you couldn’t hear the music over the roaring crowd during their touring years. With Let It Be coming up March 4 (with an afterparty, we might add!), we’ve been listening to a lot of Beatles in the office lately. Read More ›

Fran Lebowitz | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

Let Fran Tell It Like It Is — She’s Really Really Good At It

With no cell phone, no computer, and no wish to touch technology in any way, shape or form, Fran Lebowitz is surprisingly pervasive in today’s culture. Probably because she’s so opinionated. There’s just something about Fran’s class act of witty observation that gets people listening, laughing and nodding along. But the best way to explain Fran is to let Fran explain herself. Read More ›

Billy Crystal | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

“I’ll Have What She’s Having” — Billy Crystal’s Iconic Comedy Continues to Satisfy

From Monster’s Inc.’s Mike Wazowski to Mitch Robbins in City Slickers and everything in between, Billy Crystal is still the Laugh Master. With so many iconic film and television roles under his belt, who wouldn’t be excited to see him in the flesh? Catch Billy in Austin Monday night at 8pm on his new ‘Spend the Night with Billy Crystal’ Tour, with special guest Bonnie Hunt. Read More ›

Fela! The Concert | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

When Afrobeat Was Born — Fela! The Concert Celebrates Its Founding Father

It’s no exaggeration to say Afrobeat is one of the most influential genres of music in the last 100 years. Invented in the 1970s through a combination of African and American musical styles, it influenced the musical landscape the world over and continues to be heard today in genres like hip-hop, R&B and even modern pop, electronic and club music. Fela! The Concert celebrates it all. Read More ›

MOMIX: Opus Cactus | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

Modern Motion — Long Center CEO Cory Baker Shares What She Loves About MOMIX

With our growing excitement to see the captivating vision of MOMIX: Opus Cactus, on our stage April 18, we wondered — what is it about modern dance that has us so entranced? We sat down with our President & CEO Cory Baker to get the scoop on what MOMIX does best. Read More ›

Greater Tuna | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

Tuna Man Show — Greater Tuna is All-New & Reimagined by Co-Creator Jaston Williams

The eclectic citizens of small-town Texas return to their big-city home. Didi. Petey. Pearl. You know them well. There’s every possibility that they might even be your neighbors. Tuna is back with Co-Creator Jaston Williams in the director’s chair, and starring Ryan Bailey, Tim Leavon and Will Mercer as your favorite Tuna personalities. Read More ›

Circus 1903 - The Golden Age of Circus | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

Celebrate the Golden Age of Circus with Circus 1903, Coming to Austin This June

Step right up! Step right up! With the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey calling it quits, the circus era is ending in a big way. But! What better time to celebrate the golden turn-of-the-century age of the circus? This summer give the whole family a treat! Circus 1903 — The Golden Age of Circus arrives in Austin, June 6 – 8, bringing classic circus flair, humor and impossible acts from every corner of the globe. Read More ›

Old Times | Austin Shakespeare | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

Austin Shakespeare: Creating the World of ‘Old Times’

Austin Shakespeare’s production of Old Times, a Harold Pinter play, is just getting started. Director Ann Ciccolella takes us behind the scenes of what it’s like creating Pinter’s world of Old Times. Read More ›

Shaping Sound | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

Travis Wall’s SHAPING SOUND Returns to Austin with an all new show ‘After the Curtain’

It’s no secret that SHAPING SOUND is America’s hottest dance company. And we can’t wait to have all those moves back on our stage, June 10th. Originally established in LA in 2012, Travis Wall and partners Nick Lazzarini, Teddy Forance & Kyle Robinson led an outstanding company of dancers with a focus on contemporary dance and choreographic artistry. A 2015 Emmy Award win for Outstanding Choreography later (and six Emmy nominations), Travis Wall and his SHAPING SOUND crew are resisting gravity and blowing minds with their smooth, fresh movement. Read More ›

Kathy Griffin | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

Groundling, Fresh Prince, and Stand-Up Star — Kathy Griffin Is Back For More

Did you know that Kathy Griffin is one of only three women to have won the Grammy® Award for Best Comedy Album? We thought not. To honor this little-known fact, we’ve put together a couple of videos for you, because nobody tells Kathy like Kathy tells Kathy. Read More ›

Anton Nel | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

With Beethoven, Debussy, Schumann & Kodály, We Anxiously Await Anton Nel’s Return to Dell Hall

Back for his first solo recital in our Dell Hall since 2013, it’s safe to say that we’re pretty excited for the afternoon of piano classics Anton Nel has lined up for us next week. Whetting your palate without giving too much away, January 29th’s recital will feature composers both recognizable and unfamiliar. Read More ›