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Tapestry Dance Company: From the Director on Sound & Silence

Tapestry Dance Company’s season starts with Sound & Silence – the Rhythm of Life, opening October 18 – 21 in our Rollins Studio Theatre. 

Tap dance. What is it? Where can it take you as a dancer and where can it take its audience? What are your expectations?

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard “…tap is always happy,” “…I used to do that when I was five!” “…isn’t that a dying art-form?” …and even in the last few days… “That’s just a hobby…get a real job.”—I’d be rich.

We as tap artists are not only dancers, but also musicians: human instruments of rhythmic communication. Communication that cannot only create rhythms of joy and nostalgia, but also go deep into many diverse journeys of life. These journeys can change the lives of our audience members, question our world and push each other as humans and artists.

In developing Sound & Silence, I challenged my eight beautiful dancers to explore with me the eight human emotions: Anger, Fear, Joy, Sadness, Anticipation, Surprise, Trust and Distrust, as well as the use and contrast of sound and silence. It has truly been an emotional journey. At many times the dancers pushed the threshold of vulnerability, and always worked to stay open and present as much as possible. Just as in everyday life, this is not easy. These eight emotions are not black & white. They are all felt and communicated uniquely and individually—from one rehearsal to the next, from one performance to another.

I welcome you to this vulnerable journey. A look into our Tapestry dancers in and out of their tap shoes; in and out of emotions and beyond—in and out of Sound & Silence.

Are you ready to listen to both?

—Acia Gray, Director

We’ll be listening to Sound & Silence, too—grab a ticket for next weekend and listen along with us.

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