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“The Stra-a-a-angers from the Internet Have Come…” for the Joseph Keckler Show

…the stra-a-a-angers from the internet are standing outside / the stra-a-a-angers from the internet have come from far and wide…

Not quite classical and not quite opera, Joseph Keckler’s signature form of song, lyric and quirk are all his own. With a 3+ octave voice that defies all expectations (seriously—take a listen below so you know what we’re talking about), Keckler excels at merging a contemporary, downtown flair with the operatic wilds—stretching the medium to its limit and beyond. Plus plenty of humor and sarcasm. Again, don’t be fooled by just the voice!

Having been in Austin before, Keckler has done his time at SXSW and fits in comfortably anywhere from Lincoln Center to Miami Art Basel to the corner bar. Next week, we’re bringing him back for two performances with Fusebox Festival—also worth a further look if you’ve yet to stumble upon their perfect Austin blend of arts and civic engagement. But for those of you more classically inclined, yes, Keckler can do traditional supertitles, too. But with a twist.

Intrigued yet? If you’re itching for more, read up on Keckler’s performance art philosophy in this piece on Written & Spoken by Fusebox. AND THEN go grab your ticket for next week’s performances in our black box theatre. And students—arrive at the Box Office 2 hours before show and get a $15 student rush ticket!

…the stra-a-a-angers from the internet are coming / I must hide!

Writer, songwriter and performance artist Joseph Keckler is in our Rollins Studio Theatre for two performances only, January 23 & 24. Come on over, strangers from the internet!

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