Maureen Dowd & Carl Hulse in Conversation | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

Veterans of Print Journalism Dowd & Hulse to Discuss New Media for a New Age

Traditional media is making a comeback, and we’re totally here for it. In a apolitical climate that could be described as tumultuous at best, audiences are turning to reliable outlets and journalists to deliver their news. With the insanity of the current 24-hour news cycle, we’ve been joining the rest of America, glued to our phones and laptops so we don’t miss out on the most recent scandal or headline (and oh man, have there been a lot of them). The numbers since last November’s election paint a clear picture for The New York Times; within a week of election night, NYT paid subscribers increased by 41,000, continuing on to make 2017 one of their best years yet.

With the renewed focus on news and politics, we’re looking toward industry pros to lead the way, and sometimes we need them to just share their opinion without all the fluff (we all have busy lives, after all). Pulitzer Prize-winning, former White House correspondent, NYT Op-Ed columnist since 1995 Maureen Dowd is doing just that, with direct and powerful (if not a bit controversial) commentary. Throughout her career, including four presidential campaigns, Dowd has been unafraid to speak her mind on any and all current issues facing politics and society, a pattern she’s continuing into the Twilight Zone-esque landscape of 2017. She’ll be joining us at the Long Center for an evening of politics, wit, and insight into one of the craziest years for journalism yet.

Joining Dowd will be Chief Washington Correspondent of The New York Times and self-proclaimed “veteran ink-stained wretch” Carl Hulse. His first-hand knowledge of current politics and goings-on in Washington paired with Dowd’s no-nonsense attitude will make for a conversation you won’t want to miss.

Catch up on some of Dowd’s work over a The New York Times, and get ready for an unforgettable night at Dell Hall on November 18th.

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