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From Toy Shelves to Center Stage — Shopville Comes to Life in ‘Shopkins Live! Shop It Up!’

It’s happening—the Shopkins are jumping off the toy shelves and heading for the bright lights of center stage!  Those miniature figures modeled after groceries and household items that your child has been avidly collecting for years are getting a LIVE SHOW, Shopkins Live! Shop It Up!

Young Shopkins collectors from across the country have painstakingly categorized them all, memorized names and personalities, picked their favorite Shoppie (maybe it’s Bubbleisha, or Rainbow Kate), and watched every 90 second YouTube animated short, all in the name of Shopville. Remember this one?

Or perhaps this one?

And now, the Shopkins have left the confines Shopville behind for a tour across America of Shopkins Live! Shop It up!, landing in Austin October 21st. In this live production your beloved Shoppies make their theatrical debut featuring musical performances by Jessicake, Bubbleisha, Peppa-Mint, Rainbow Kate, Cocolette, Polli Polish and more! And of course, the Shoppies are joined by the Shopkins—those grocery store-themed mini collectible toys. Apple Blossom, Strawberry Kiss, Lippy Lips, Kooky Cookie, Poppy Corn, Slick Breadstick and Shady Diva.

Can’t quite figure out how these toys will translate to the stage? Here’s a first look.

Shopkins Live! Shop It Up! | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

In this live production, all of Shopville is in a tizz as preparations get underway for the annual “Funtastic Food and Fashion Fair.” Shady Diva showcases her latest fashion designs; Lippy Lips gives colorful advice at the nail salon; Kooky Cookie tries to get in a beauty nap! But wait–no event is complete without a few hiccups! Who has high-jinxed the fashion pageant? Where is the super-secret celebrity guest? Will Slick Breadstick ever find a dance partner? The Shopkins and Shoppies need your help–the show must go on!

See you back here for Shopkins Live! Shop It Up! October 21st for a show filled with state-of-the-art video and set design, custom-designed theatrical costumes and creative onstage characters. Check ya later!

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