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Summer Stock Austin Raffle Series: Dear Evan Hamilton

Do you know every word to the Hamilton soundtrack? Does your ability to rap Lafayette’s verse on Guns & Ships make you contemplate a career in rapping? Have you considered busking on a street corner using songs exclusively from Hamilton to make your way into a seat in the Richard Rodgers Theater?

Well, now you don’t have to quit your day job, because we’ve got you covered! This summer’s top raffle prize is your dream New York theatre trip! Two tickets to Hamilton? Two tickets to Dear Evan Hansen? And not just any tickets either. These are orchestra tickets!

“Wow,” you say.

“That’s amazing. I need it!” you say.

But WAIT! That’s not even the end of it. You will also get backstage tours of both shows!

“I will faint if you tell me there is any more stuff in that prize,” you say.

Well grab a seat, because we will also hook you up with a $500 Visa gift-card to aide with travel expenses/accommodations.

Now, I can tell you firsthand how life-changing Hamilton is. I was fortunate enough to see it in January of 2016. And I cried. The. Whole. Time. That is not an exaggeration. There were moments of less crying versus moments of more crying, but the tears never stopped.  The lighting is masterful, which is something you will never get from the soundtrack– for obvious reasons. The same can be said for the set and costumes. It is a beautiful show, and you cannot throw away your shot to win this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

As for Dear Evan Hansen, I am loathe to admit that I do not know as much. I do know that boy from Pitch Perfect is in it, and I’m happy he’s doing well.

Dear Evan Hansen did extremely well at the most recent Tony Awards Ceremony– including taking home the award for Best New Musical– and has been receiving rave reviews. And just look at how adorable Tony award winner Ben Platt is.

He’s got the magic in him.

You know you want this prize package. You need it. It calls to you. You’ll dream about it. Don’t dream it. Be it.


Buy your raffle tickets now!

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