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From YouTube to Stage, Take a Look At the Guys BEHIND the Piano

What began as a social media tactic to gain exposure for a piano store spiraled into a viral musical sensation, filled with all the mash-ups and classical-pop crossover tunes we could ever hope for. That YouTube sensation was The Piano Guys, and they’re heading to Austin August 23rd to perform for us on Dell Hall stage.

The Piano Guys formed in 2010 after musician Jon Schmidt asked piano owner Paul Anderson if he could practice hitting some keys in his piano in Utah named “The Piano Guys” (hmm…see what they did there?). Anderson wanted to gain exposure for his store and his personal interest in social marketing led him to the phenomenon of viral videos–an ambitious goal. Anderson agreed to let Schmidt play at his store under one condition: star in a promotional video. Schmidt agreed and shortly thereafter came cellist Steven Sharp Nelson and music producer Al van der Beek, which now complete what the internet and the world know as The Piano Guys.

Now with 5 million subscribers and over 1 billion (no, that’s not a typo) YouTube views, The Piano Guys continue to hit their keys and inspire listeners around the globe. Here are a couple favorite videos to get you excited August!

Catch The Piano Guys on tour, August 23rd at the Long Center!

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