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Pollyanna Theatre Company: The Role of Repetition in Art, Life & Learning

Next week Pollyanna Theatre Company opens Whether the Weather June 14th, part of Pollyanna’s Play and Play Series, that some of you may remember from last fall. Exploring rain, sunshine, clouds and wind, Whether the Weather talks about friendships, storytelling and imagination. Executive Director Judy Matetzschk-Campbell let us in on how repetition plays a role in Theatre for the Very Young.

Art is always imitating life and life is always imitating art. It is a cycle as old as human experience. And repetition is not only a formal element found in most art forms, it is a natural part of human behavior. Repeated patterns of behavior and language are at the core of how very young children learn and also at the core of humor. So it is only natural that repetition is a major feature in Pollyanna Theatre’s Play and Play Series, a Theatre for the Very Young.

In the fall of 2016, Pollyanna Theatre, A Resident Company of the Rollins Studio Theatre at the Long Center, produced Whether the Weather, an interactive play that featured two wildly different characters, Sunny and Gus. Children ages 2 – 4 were invited into the imaginative playroom of these two unlikely friends. The play introduced our youngest patrons to many pre-literacy concepts through repeated dialogue and movement as well as through a healthy dose of humor. It was so very popular with patrons of all ages that Whether the Weather is returning to the Long Center June 14 – 24, 2017.

The leaders of Pollyanna Theatre urge adults to remember back to the days in your childhood when you enjoyed nothing more than to hear your favorite story read or favorite joke told or favorite song sung for the 100th time. Remember the joy of knowing what was about to happen in the story next? Remember the security and fun of knowing the punch line before it was delivered? The remounted production of Whether the Weather provides the opportunity to return to the play and its characters to revel in that familiarity. And it invites new families to see the play who missed it in the fall.

The perfect way to spend part of your morning with your preschool or play group, discounts are available for any group of 10 or more. Just call us at (512) 743-7966 or go online for tickets at the Pollyanna Theatre Company website.

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