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Heart-Wrenching. Breath-Taking. Travis Wall’s Shaping Sound Dazzles in ‘After the Curtain’

It’s no secret that Shaping Sound is America’s hottest dance company. And we can’t wait to have all those moves back on our stage in just THREE WEEKS. With mind-blowing choreography that seems to defy physics and deep beats brought to life on stage, it’s almost impossible not to wonder what goes through Travis Wall’s mind while choreographing such a show as ‘After the Curtain.’ Good thing Dance Informa sat down with him and asked just that!

Read on for an excerpt from Dance Informa‘s feature with icon Travis Wall. You fan find the full article here, and see him in the flesh as Travis Wall’s Shaping Sound takes the stage with ‘After the Curtain,’ June 10th.

Travis Wall's Shaping Sound: After the Curtain | The Long Center for the Performing ArtsHow would you describe the relationships between sound and movement in the Shaping Sound repertory?

“Music is such an important part of all our repertory. As a company, we like to think of ourselves as visual musicians, which is how the name ‘Shaping Sound’ came about. We shape the sound we hear. When we are creating, we can actually see the music while we are dancing. Each dancer in this company has great musicality, and that only helps with the physical storytelling of the show.”

How does that tie into your artistic perspectives? How much of the music/movement unity in your work is purposeful, and how much intuitive? What might that look like in your creative process?

“For our past show [Dance Reimagined], it was made up of individual songs by different artists, and the music was really all over the map. Our new show, ‘After the Curtain,’ is very different. It is all music created by Ryan Lott of Son Lux. I have used his music on So You Think You Can Dance before and have always been really drawn to it. I reached out to him last year about collaborating and we had instant chemistry, and I knew he had to create all of the music for this new show. We are using some already existing songs; plus, he is re-imaging a handful of them and he is writing completely new original music just for us. It’s a dream to collaborate with another artist like this. Hearing why he wrote the songs helps us a s dancers connect to each lyric. It has really changed the way I create as an artist; it’s helped me craft the storyline. I was moved to tears the first time I heard a song he reimagined just for this show.”

What’s next for Shaping Sound, and for you artistically? What are your goals and visions going forward?

“I still think Shaping Sound is just starting, which is exciting. This is our second show, and I have put everything I have into creating it. I have had to turn down other work as a choreographer to do this, but I believe in this company and this show that much. It’s incredibly fulfilling to be in the room creating this every day. I am hoping ‘After the Curtain’ tours all over the U.S. and internationally. I think it’s important to say this show is unlike any other Shaping Sound show you might have seen before. We are excited for our fans to see new work, and we are excited to welcome new lovers of dance and arts to experience this!”

Catch Travis Wall’s Shaping Sound: After the Curtain in Dell Hall, June 10th. Bring the whole dance studio—groups of 10 or more can save! Email Group Sales for details.

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