Circus 1903 - The Golden Age of Circus | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

Spotlight on Lucky Moon: Circus 1903’s Unrivaled Aerial Hoop Acrobat

The circus is coming! But not your average circus—Circus 1903 is a turn-of-the-century circus spectacular that harkens back to the golden age of circus. With jugglers, tightropers, and larger-than-life puppet elephants, we’re taking some time to focus on a few of the talented individuals involved in making Circus 1903 such a death-defying, breathtaking experience.

No circus would be complete without a high-flying, ballet-esque act of aerial stunts! Meet Lucky Moon, just one of Circus 1903’s many featured acts but certainly the most ethereal. With remarkable strength and extreme flexibility, Lucky Moon shows off her remarkable strength and extreme flexibility—two of the most important traits for any aerial hoop artist. Lucky Moon will perform dangerous displays of unrivaled aerial flight with beauty and grace that will take your breath away. She makes aerial flight look easy!

Circus 1903 - The Golden Age of Circus | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

But what is a lyra or aerial hoop or cerceau? It goes by many names, but they all boil down to a circular steel apparatus (resembling your average hula hoop) suspended from the ceiling, on which an artist performs aerial acrobatics. It can be used static or spinning and swinging to up the ante. The artistry and athletic prowess of the artist is just as impressive as the dramatic visual spectacle of the hoop itself.

Circus 1903 - The Golden Age of Circus

Circus 1903’s Lucky Moon is Elena Gatilova, the former World Champion of Rhythmic Gymnastics. She comes to Circus 1903 after being featured in over 2500 performances in the provocative Cirque du Soleil production “Zumanity.” As Lucky Moon, Elena’s act is a show stopper that harkens back to the aerial ballets of circuses during the early part of the 20th century. Millions have seen her performances on “The Tonight Show,” and “Last Call with Carson Daly.” She was featured in the feature film “LoveSick” and appeared in 43 episodes of the Italian television show “Chiambretti Night.”

Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes sneak peeks into Circus 1903, the brand new stage show from the producers of “The Illusionists” and the puppeteers of “War Horse.” See you at the circus!

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