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Circus 1903 Creates A New Kind of Elephant for The Ring—With Giant Puppets!

It’s true—professional puppetry has put elephants back under the big top in an amazing way. But before we go any further, there are absolutely no real animals featured in Circus 1903 — The Golden Age of Circus! Just some excellent, extremely lifelike elephant puppets that will melt your heart (especially baby Peanut!). With the June 6 opening of the show coming closer, it’s time to introduce you to the puppet masters behind these incredible constructions. We mean, animals!

A creation of the award-winning team of puppeteers and model makers who created the National Theatre’s War Horse, Queenie & Peanut (yes, they have names!) are stunning manifestations of the groundbreaking advances in puppet design and expression. The duo appears throughout the show as the mother teachers her calf the tricks of the trade.

“For me, puppetry was absolutely the way to go in the show over animatronics because the realism of movement is what we wanted rather than the realism of look,” says Simon Painter, Creative Producer. “You fall in love with these animals because of their emotions, and that really happens entirely through the movement.”

Take a peek behind the curtain!

And don’t forget about Peanut!

See Circus 1903 June 6 – 8 and prepare to be delighted, amused and astonished! Fit for the whole family, take advantage of our family 4-pack deal and make some fun summer plans! 

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