Six Guitars | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

What Do A 19-year-old Rocker and An 85-year-old Blues Player have in Common? Chase Padgett.

It’s seems crazy, but in Six Guitars guitar master and comedic improv star Chase Padgett really does embody six different characters while onstage. Add in six different genres of music—the staples of rock, blues, jazz, folk, classical and country—and a personality for each, that’s a one man show you have to see to believe.

Six Guitars | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

But don’t think that this show is just a guy with a guitar for 90 minutes. Chase—an actor and improv performer, not to mention virtuosic guitarist—brings each of these characters to life with jokes, stories and audience engagement. As each characters plays songs from their genre, they also tell the story of how they fell in love with their music, what they think of other styles (just saying what’s on everyone else’s minds, right?) and what music means to us all.

Meet them for yourself! And rest assured, each character has a name but you’ll have to see the show to find them out.

See Chase Padgett in Six Guitars May 4 – 7 in Rollins Studio Theatre. It’s sure to be a musical adventure!

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