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Modern Motion — Long Center CEO Cory Baker Shares What She Loves About MOMIX

With our growing excitement to see the captivating vision of MOMIX: Opus Cactus, on our stage April 18, we wondered — what is it about modern dance that has us so entranced? We sat down with our President & CEO Cory Baker to get the scoop on what MOMIX does best.

Have you always been a fan of dance?

I’ve always had an appreciation for dance, ever since I was little. I love movement and the human body in performance, everything from ballet to sports or even “American Ninja Warrior” [Laughs]. In college I owned my own skateboard shop — even though I couldn’t skate. I just loved that world and the sport, and I wanted to be there and around it. When I got involved int he performing arts I had a strong desire to support dance and modern dance especially.

Why modern dance?

I didn’t have a deep understanding of the history of classical dance, and I found it easier to connect with the more modern forms. I still greatly enjoy ballet, of course, and I like to be challenged by a performance, but there’s something to be said for the way you can just watch modern dance. You can simply show up without preconceptions or any prior knowledge of dance and just enjoy it for what it is — a beautiful celebration of the human body. It’s fun, entertaining and stunning to watch. I keep asking myself how do they do that?

You’re responsible for bringing MOMIX to the Long Center this spring. What is it about them that you like?

One of the things that always excites me about MOMIX is that it’s a great entry point — you can bring kids! Their performances are done in vignettes — short little scenes that are so diverse. Some are fun and others more thoughtful, and some are really energetic and athletic, almost acrobatic. You don’t need to have an experience of the history of dance or technique for it to be enjoyable, though it is exceptionally choreographed. They’re just really beautiful dance pieces. I hate to use the word ‘illusionist,’ but it’s like you’re watching them up there on stage making a whole landscape, a whole world. It’s not just about the dancers and the bodies, it’s like you’re watching them create a dreamscape on stage. That’s what MOMIX does best.

Visions of the desert and its inhabitants come to life on stage in MOMIX: Opus Cactus, April 18.

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