Fran Lebowitz | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

Let Fran Tell It Like It Is — She’s Really Really Good At It

With no cell phone, no computer, and no wish to touch technology in any way, shape or form, Fran Lebowitz is surprisingly pervasive in today’s culture. Probably because she’s so opinionated.

Yeah, yeah…okay, so everyone has had enough of everyone else’s opinions right now. But there’s still something about Fran’s class act of witty observation that gets people listening, laughing and nodding along. And wouldn’t it be nice to hear someone say something real for a change? We agree. But the best way to explain Fran is to let Fran explain herself. Here are a few clips of her iconic, chain-smoking commentary that have kept her current even though she refuses to touch social media (let alone a typewriter).

Fran on her favorite New York things. (Note the mention of “Marty.)

Fran on Jane Austen.

And Fran on Republicans & Democrats. (Because who is Fran without a little politics?)

Make sure you’re there, March 8 in Dell Hall, to hear Fran tell it like it is.

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