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Odd is the Problem and Math is the Solution

PBSKids’ hit show Odd Squad has created television magic out of one thing—treating kids like adults to solve real world problems. And it’s working wonders.

With an outrageous number of online streams (we’re talking easily the high double digit millions), one look at Ms. O and her Odd Squad agents can tell you that the team has made it cool to be smart. Featuring laughs for kids and adults alike, co-creators Adam Peltzman and Tim McKeon embraced the challenge of creating an educational show that didn’t set off kids’ sensitive educational radar. So they created a workplace comedy featuring kids with high stakes jobs doing important work to rid the world of oddness with the trusty help of math, science and a whole ‘lotta gadgets.

But there’s a lot there for adults, too. Odd Squad is steeped in the tradition of adult science fiction. Think X-FilesDr. WhoWarehouse 13 and even Star Trek. Peltzman and McKeon of Backyardigans and Adventure Time fame made a believable world in which the kids run the show. “If there’s a robber you call the police, if there’s a fire you call the fire department but if your spouse is shrunk or your dog is doubled you call the Odd Squad,” McKeon explains.

A live stage version of the show is just the next step  for Ms. O and her Odd Squad agents. Taking do no odd a step further, Ms. O is sending a special delegation of agents around the country to be sure that no blobs are let loose, no unicorns escape books (thought that would be fun), and no one turns into a potato. But this time? Father Time has turned all of the kid agents of Odd Squad Headquarters into adults. And that means the kids in the audience are the only ones who can use their powers of deduction for good and make everything right again.

New agents Orion and Oleanna will be in Austin January 15th. Written by the same creators of the the hit television show, Odd Squad LIVE! is an extension of all the things kids and parents love about Odd Squad, for veteran fans and newcomers alike! We expect to see some navy suits and red Chuck Taylors, too. And don’t forget your badge!

You may want to nab those tickets to Odd Squad LIVE! before you come down with a case of The Jinx, too!

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