Fela! The Concert | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

Fela! The Concert Celebrates the Music of Afrobeat Founding Father Fela Kuti

Do you hear that beat? Are you tapping your foot in your office cubicle?

Fantastic, because a multi-media extravaganza of rhythm, percussion and culture is headed to the Long Center this March. Celebrating the Afrobeat legacy of Fela Kuti, Fela! The Concert is the international dance party that Austin doesn’t want to miss. (Plus, you can get your tickets today!)

Full of energy in constant motion, Fela! The Concert radiates joy and leaves audiences on their feet wanting more. The sensual, eclectic sounds and powerful lyrics of Fela Kuti prove why he became one of the owlrd’s most celebrated and rebellious music legends.

Part groovy blend of jazz-funk music and part social statement, Fela Kuti’s long-track songs with highly danceable rhythms brought African culture to the forefront of the music industry. Featuring Salsa and Calypso with Juju, Highlife and African percussive patterns, Fela Kuti’s AFrobeat was a celebration and an innovation. Over a decade after his death, Afrobeat is now an international staple of the music world.

Today, Fela’s music is celebrated on stages worldwide. Set against a soaring canvas of projected images, Fela! The Concert is driven by the electrifying rhythms of a live 10-piece Afrobeat band, with nine singers and dancers who bring Fela’s provocative spirit to life.

Take a look for yourself!

Dance the night away with Fela! The Concert March 26!

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