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Kathy Hits Austin in February and She’s Pulling No Punches—She Has a World Record to Prove It!

Kathy Griffin—comedian extraordinaire—is a household name, and for good reason. With her two Emmys and her Grammy and her unprecedented 20 televised stand-up specials and her Guinness World Record for writing and starring in more televised specials than any comedian in history. . .Kathy pushes the envelope like no other before her. Buoyed by her dedicated and highly-engaged fans, this woman is strong, tough, and her personality is in a class all its own. Come and see her for yourself, February 4th!

As a staple on television as host of CNN’s New Year’s Eve special, E!’s “Fashion Police,” her own hit reality series “My Life on the D-List” (which aired for six years on Bravo and was nominated for an Emmy every single time, by the way), and plenty of sitcom and red carpet appearances, Kathy has stories about anything and anyone, and she can’t wait to share them.

“We will be discussing the news of the day,” Kathy says about her current tour. “The stories of the day, the political landscape, the pop culture landscape—it’s all changing so fast!” With a forty-city tour that quickly turned into an eighty-city tour, you can look forward to the same excitement, energy, and sharp wit that you’ve come to expect from a woman who tells it like it is. “It’s my job. This is what we do.” And boy, does she do it well!

For a little bit more on her “Like A Boss” tour, check out her television appearance before her Los Angeles performance. She lays it all out.

Join us for Kathy Griffin’s “Like A Boss” tour that’s gripping the nation in more ways than one, with humor, pointed talk, and plenty of riotous laughs! February 4th at the Long Center.


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