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School’s Back in Session! Sister Returns for More Hilarious Fun Featuring The Holy Ghost and Other Terrifying Tales

Have you ever wanted to return to the fourth grade? If you answered “Yes,” then you’re one of the few. But with Sister’s Back To School Catechism of wildly popular Late Nite Catechism fame, you can! This is an uproarious, genial show designed for anyone who hails from a Parochial school, has memories of their Catholic upbringing, or experienced the benefits of a strong, influential teacher. This time, Sister is taking on Halloween with full force in The Holy Ghost and Other Terrifying Tales. And you might just make a Catholic-appropriate costume with the help of her instruction.

Originally created in 1993 by two friends, Vicki Quade and Maripat Donovan, Late Nite Catechism became a staple of the Catholic community of Chicago and has since become the longest continuous run in Chicago theater history. Not only has this exercise in participatory theater achieved its place in off-Broadway history as the longest running one-character comedy, but it has also spawned several equally successful spin-offs designed for more laughter, more fun, and more Sister.

An equal mix of learning and humorous antics, you are the class in this school setting. Be prepared for Sister to comment on your dress, humiliate you with a twinkle in her eye when you answer a question incorrectly, or threaten to make you color for hours when you misbehave. And don’t even think about checking your phone or makeup during class! But all laminated saint cards and glow-in-the-dark rosaries aside, this is a fun celebration of the Catholic experience, fit for anyone who enjoys good word play, sharp jokes, and a decent dose of nostalgia.

The Late Nite Catechism series has been presented in over 410 cities around the world, played 6 countries with more than 3.5 million people in attendance, and has inspired several additional Sisterly instructions for every occasion, including seven different touring shows that present nostalgic Catechism lessons with winning sarcasm, quick wit, and plenty of laughs. The series has also raised over $4 million for retired Sisters and Catholic organizations, and adds to that amount every day.

For an example of the kind of sharp but loving repartee you’re in for, take a look at original Maripat Donovan, pioneering Late Nite Sister, described as the daughter of Don Rickles and Carol Burnett. She may have moved on to her own talk show, but she hasn’t let-up on her teaching. And don’t miss her cameo in The Sound of Music!

Bring your funny bone and put your thinking caps on…because Sister’s Back To School Catechism is taking over Rollins Studio Theatre September 30 – October 2 to celebrate The Holy Ghost and Other Terrifying Tales with Sister’s signature twist!

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