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Trouble on the Double Shakes Things Up for Pollyanna Theatre Company

Pollyanna Theatre Company, a proud Resident Company of the Long Center’s Rollins Studio Theatre, will wrap up their sixteenth successful season of original theatre for young audiences with TROUBLE ON THE DOUBLE, by award-winning playwright Holly Hepp-Galvan. Featuring some of Austin’s most talented actors, Pollyanna patrons will recognize some familiar faces, such as Uyen-Anh Dang and Jessica Hughes, but will also be introduced to some amazing new talent including Matthew Burnett and Ryan Wilson. Opening on July 9 and with performances through July 17, TROUBLE ON THE DOUBLE offers families a farcical look at how very different siblings can be.

Of her new play, Hepp-Galvan writes:

“I love opposites! There is nothing more dramatic in life or on stage than people that are completely different! I wanted to write about twins that are mirror images of each other on the outside, but have contrasting personalities. Perhaps I was thinking of my brother who looks very similar to me, but is much, much bolder. When I was little he could walk on his hands! He could ride a unicycle! He could climb to the top of the oak tree! I, on the other hand, was most comfortable when I could sit quietly with a book UNDER the oak tree.”

And this is where the shadows our audience will see in TROUBLE ON THE DOUBLE become important. For Max and Minnie, the shadows show not only show they are, but who they could be. In this play, shadows represent both our best and worst selves. For Minnie in particular, her shadow lets her see the brave person she is inside. Holly also writes, “I remember my very own shadow standing by the oak tree, and I remember how big it got on the day I finally got enough courage to climb to the top of the tree.”

This is a play about being brace enough to accept challenges, but also being smart enough to say no when others dare us to do harmful things. It’s about balance and good decisions. And it’s also a farce about family and about eating hot mustard, which is the ultimate test of courage for anyone!

Pollyanna Theatre Company is a Resident Company of the Long Center and will complete its sixteenth season this summer. Trouble on the Double opens July 9 and runs through July 17. You may also be interested in the Long Center’s Education Program Theatre-for-All Day Camp, featuring The Steadfast Tin Soldier.

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