Spectacularly Spooky—Have You Received Your Invitation to an Addams Family Dinner?

You may not have decided to accept just yet—you know, out of fear and anguish—but there’s no reason not join the party! Summer Stock Austin’s production of The Addams Family musical will blow your mind straight out of the cemetery. Here are a few things to encourage your attendance.

Did you know that Wednesday Addams got her name from a Mother Goose poem? The line goes “Wednesday’s child is full of woe.” Pretty accurate, right? Check out this depiction of the kooky family from the 1991 movie!

The Addams Family Musical | Summer Stock Austin | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

Take a look at the number “When You’re An Addams” from THE ADDAMS FAMILY musical, performed by the Broadway cast on Daivd Letterman. One thing is for sure, this family is unapologetically authentic. The lyrics say—

Who cares about the outside world
And what it wants from you?
When you’re an Addams
You do what Addams always do!

If that doesn’t whet your palette, here is Playbill Video’s highlight reel from the Broadway production. Take a peek at all the fun (and freaky) musical numbers to come! Don’t you wish you were a stylishly-pale Addams Family ancestor?

The Addams Family is a part of Summer Stock Austin’s 12th season at the Long Center. Won’t you join them for dinner? July 22 – August 13 in the Rollins Studio Theatre!


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