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A Long Center Educational Phenomenon—The Students of Summer Stock Austin and Why They Matter

So. Why should you see the world premiere of The Steadfast Tin Soldier? To be blunt, it was written for you.

Writer and Director Allen Robertson explains that Steadfast is written for this cast in this space with these resources. But even more importantly, it’s written for this community. The story is tailored to this time in our history, a time where we are questioning social issues, debating beliefs, reevaluating our morals. Packaged in a fairy tale wrapper, you’ll receive the gift of entertainment and the inspiration for thought. Not to mention the pride you’ll feel in the young talent on stage.

Much of Allen Robertson’s previous work is based on fairy tales and folk stories that deal with social themes. While he uses the classics as a frame, Robertson finds inspiration from the young performers he works with to bring these shows to life. He opens dialogues with the cast members, sharing views on life and learning to listen to the world as they do. What he gains from these conversations becomes the muse for his writing.

In a way, you could say the Summer Stock students “own” this piece because they are the first to tackle it—the show owes its authenticity to its original cast. Robertson works very closely with the cast during the rehearsal process, and together they make changes to the show—a note here, a word there. It grows with the company members, as they grow with it.

The real story here is in the magic of the young performers. The level of talent is very high, but there is something different (besides an impressive level of skill) that sets the members of Summer Stock apart. When asked to describe it, Allen Robertson could hardly find the words.

This is the moral of this Long Center story—Summer Stock is more than just an Education Program. For many, it becomes a way of life, a future not yet considered, a career ready to begin.

And the best part? They are eager to share it—with you!

That’s what makes Summer Stock Austin so unique. It celebrates excellence, elevating the training of talented high school and college theatre artists by connecting them with world-class professionals from Austin and around the country.

Participants in Summer Stock Austina tuition-free program, work as members of a traditional theatre company. They not only perform in the shows, but they also work on every aspect of each theatrical production.

To continue offering this important educational program to the Greater Austin community’s youth, we rely on donations to make it all possible. Your financial contribution helps ensure the Long Center is able to continue providing life-changing experiences for high school and college-level musical theatre students well into the future.

Help keep the magic growing—donate to the Long Center and Summer Stock Austin today!

Tickets for all three Summer Stock Austin 2016 productions are available for purchase today—The Addams Family, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, and Carnival. Don’t miss out on these rising stars–you just might see them on Broadway in a few year’s time!

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