Bob Schneider with Tosca String Quartet | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

Bob Schneider – A Collage of Creativity

Austin’s favorite son Bob Schneider is constantly creating. He’s a multi-disciplinary, multi-media force to be reckoned with.

Songs. Schneider has written over 2000 songs. Sixteen years ago, he started a songwriting group that challenged each other to write one song per day. At the end of the day, the members would turn in their songs and perform them for each other. Since its inception, the challenge has now slowed to one song each week, but it remains a significant force behind Schneider’s songwriting motivation. And have you heard about his Poetry Machine?

Videos. Schneider creates videos to accompany his songs. These videos will often feature his own art as well as public domain footage that contributes to the imagery of the music.

Art. Schneider builds collages using images and texts from old magazines and books combined with ink and paint. His collages often take form as a portrait bust filled with smaller pictures and given a puzzling title. When speaking about his art, Schneider says, “After a while, the actual images become so dense that they begin to fade into a whole, creating the overall idea of a figure or personality. I think of people as an amalgamation of everything that they experience combined with the personality that they are born with and I guess that’s what these figures represent to me. They are similar yet unique and they change as I work on them.”

Albums. Schneider’s most recent record, King Kong Suite, is actually a set of three EPs released separately and accompanied with humorous commentary and specially-selected art. Packaged together as a collective whole, each EP has its own unique sound, ranging from soft soul to upbeat pop and reggae.

Live Shows. Schneider’s shows are anything but predictable. He strives to make each show a whole new experience for himself and for the audience. He plays regular shows at Austin’s Saxon Pub, where he tries out brand new and very old material. Even on the road, he is constantly rotating songs and incorporating fresh dialogue so that he never performs the same show twice.

Notable other projects includes an appearance in an indie film, two books, and a rock opera. Some might even call him a Renaissance man.

Bob Schneider’s creativity will be on full-show when he performs with the Tosca String Quartet July 15 in Dell Hall.

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