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What’s Long Center Rewards? Let Us Tell You!

If you’re late to the Patinkin party, there’s something you may not know about Mandy. In addition to being everyone’s favorite secret agent (“Homeland”) or revenge-seeking Spaniard (“The Princess Bride”), he’s also a pretty big deal on Broadway and has been for over twenty years. The best part? You can use your Long Center Rewards for a chance to see him, live!

So why not? Exactly. The Long Center wants to offer you points for doing what you do anyway—being active on social media and attending shows. Up for grabs right now is an exclusive offer for free tickets to see Mandy Patinkin, when he dazzles us with his Broadway brilliance in Mandy Patinkin in Concert: Dress Casual on Sunday, June 26 at 7:00 pm. The best news? It’s an auction, and the current highest bid is only 900 points (!). This and other benefits of high value are usually only offered to our Long Center Donors, among other great perks. But this one is special because free tickets (and Mandy Patinkin, of course).

Just to put that in perspective, if you sign up with Long Center Rewards and connect your social accounts, you will already have collected over 1,500 points. For the bare minimum participation, that’s already 60 contest entries for free tickets, signed posters, or valet parking—actually 61 entries since the first one’s free! You could even cash in at that point to get your (or a friend’s) picture projected on our building for an entire week.

The Long Center Rewards app takes you straight to events, point breakdowns, prizes, and any special deals going on, including sign-up bonuses. The little “i” under your name will take you to your profile and allow you to connect your Long Center ticketing account to earn points as you purchase.

  • Arrive early! Simply walking into the building gets you points. Be sure your bluetooth is turned on and get to the Long Center 45 minutes before your show. This will also give you time to cash in your free refreshment voucher or find beacons hidden throughout the building to earn points and get information.
  • Engage with us! If you like, mention, share or comment on our activity on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram—easy points! The same goes for GAHSMTA, the Statesman Skyline Theater, Summer Stock Austin, and others.
  • There are item prizes like Long Center swag or the coveted Donor Lounge experience – hit “Redeem Points” in-app to cash in.
  • There are contests for free tickets, valet parking, and other prizes – hit “Enter Contest” in-app for one entry (like a raffle or lottery).
  • Like this free ticket offer, there are auctions that change depending on our season line-up – hit “Place Bid” in-app to lay down your best offer.

These are just a few tips, but for more information, be sure to visit the Long Center Rewards FAQ for all of the answers you’re looking for. Don’t forget to place your bid for your chance to see Mandy Patinkin—for free!

And just for reading this, enter code MANDY in the Long Center Rewards app to receive 300 points!

Consider supporting us by becoming a Long Center Donor for more exclusive experiences and other membership benefits. Remember to catch Mandy Patinkin in Concert: Dress Casual on stage in Dell Hall Sunday, June 26, at 7:00 pm. 

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