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The “Celestial Harps” of Blue Lapis Light

Have you noticed any additions to our City Terrace, lately? You guessed it—harps!

Okay, maybe you didn’t guess it, but those two structures of horizontal cords that you’ve seen on your commute home are actually “celestial harps” created by connecting our columns with multi-level steel cables. They’re not only structures to aid in dancer movement, but will also be played by the rhythm of the dancers’ feet.

These harps will feature prominently in Blue Lapis Light’s aerial performance of Radiance: A Site Specific Aerial Dance, a perfect complement to our City Terrace and Austin skyline backdrop.  Be sure to drop by a performance in June to sate your curiosity. These harps won’t be up forever!

While you’re admiring the celestial harp phenomenon, see if you can spot some of Blue Lapis’ signature moves, like the Mary Poppin, Space Debris, or the Sashimi. Catch them on our City Terrace June 13 – June 18!

Blue Lapis Light kicks off their 2016 season in a brand new, expanded and renovated studio at their new home in South Austin. With a fabulous team of teachers, students, and an incredible crew, Austin’s premier aerial dance company gives us a sneak peek of what’s to come.

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