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Bob Schneider with Tosca String Quartet: On Sale Now

If you can’t catch this Austin staple around town on any given weekday—and even if you can—the Long Center for the Performing Arts is pleased to welcome Bob Schneider with Tosca String Quartet back to the Dell Hall stage Friday, July 15 at 8:00 pm.

This artist, with his many-varied musical background, presents the culmination of his latest project, King Kong Suite, in three volumes. More than your average album, this release is a collection of EPs that spans several moods—some not unfamiliar to those who have followed Schneider through Joe Rockhead, Ugly Americans, and Lonelyland—with each volume a distinct collection of sounds. Schneider’s evolution as more than just a melodic genius is fast approaching, and will be exhibited in full at this performance.

Tosca String Quartet is Austin’s string group of choice, frequently backing artists like Vampire Weekend and Bonnie Raitt on recordings or live performances. Dabbling in genres and media that fit with King Kong Suite‘s artistic spin and Schneider’s past work, the Tosca String Quartet is edgy and classical all at the same time.

Help us welcome Bob Schneider and the Tosca String Quartet back to our stage—tickets are on sale now for this one-night event.

Need a teaser? Listen to a few tracks from King Kong Suite here, after Bob’s musings on ACDC and the title of his latest release. Take a look at his collage-like art while you’re at it.

Please join us for Bob Schneider with the Tosca String Quartet Friday, July 15 at 8:00 pm.

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