The Sky’s the Limit in Blue Lapis Light’s RADIANCE A Site Specific Aerial Performance on the Long Center Terrace June 13th – June 18th/ Tickets on sale NOW!

May 1st, 2016 (Austin, TX) – BLUE LAPIS LIGHT returns to the Long Center to soar to new heights- literally- in the world premiere of the breathtaking Radiance. Watch Austin’s breathtaking aerial dance company dance, fly, and glide across (and above) the Long Center’s iconic City Terrace in a summer dance event you don’t want to miss. Join us for our Community Night on Monday, June 13th and be the first to see this gravity-defying spectacle! Tickets are on sale now and start at $15.

Those familiar with Blue Lapis Light know to expect a dance performance unlike any other; complete with gravity-defying movement, unparalleled aerial choreography, and a gorgeous backdrop of the Austin skyline you can’t experience anywhere else. To those new to the aerial dance company, the sky’s the limit in this new, original work.

“When I was in a teenager I hitchhiked throughout Europe,” explains Blue Lapis Light founder Sally Jacques,” One night I was dropped off in a village in France in the mountains. It was late so I wandered around until I found a field laid down and went to sleep.  When I awoke I was lying next to a field of wild red poppies, which was next to a field of strawberries and green peas. The early morning sun was radiating rainbow colored sheaths of light over the fields and village.  It was breathtaking.  Radiance is about this Light, this Light that is within each of us.”

The staging of this transcendent work will include performing on the Long Center’s Terrace, ring and columns, as well as the making of two “celestial harps.” These “harps” will be created by connecting the columns with multi-level steel cables, allowing  dancers to move across and ‘play’ notes as the mic’d cables capture the sounds of their feet. These 20 x 30 foot “harps” will be located at both ends of the terrace.


Blue Lapis Light is a site-specific aerial dance company founded by Artistic Director Sally Jacques in 2005. Jacques’ earlier works encompassed social, political, and spiritual themes, and these performances have evolved to explore movement through the air: extending boundaries, defying edges, and suspending graceful athleticism for the risk of igniting ephemeral beauty.

Blue Lapis’ works are mostly large-scale productions, taking place in non-traditional public environments: warehouses, abandoned structures, federal buildings, power plants, or scaffolding at the shores of Lady Bird Lake. The company’s first aerial rig was a rope strung across an abandoned swimming pool where a dancer in a net was pulled from one side to the other. With each work, dancers now explore new apparatuses and develop aerial vocabulary complimentary to the possibility and synergy of on-site collaboration.

Blue Lapis Light is a 501(c) nonprofit organization.

Tickets are available at or by calling (512) 474.LONG (5664). Also available at the Long Center’s 3M Box Office located at 701 West Riverside Drive at South First Street.  For groups of 10 and more, please call 512-457-5161 or

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