Passing it Forward: A Look at the American Dream

Passing it Forward1Part of Tapestry Dance Company’s legacy is the ability to create and share new work with the Austin community. This season alone, Tapestry premieres to completely new, original works to Central Texas in the Rollins Studio Theatre. The first- In Your Shoes– took a unique look into the world of homelessness. Now, Passing it Forward takes a diverse and dynamic look at “The American Dream.”

Tapestry dancer Zell Miller takes over our blog to discuss the show’s message, the hard work behind it, and the overall mission, drive, and passion of Tapestry.

When you walk in a room and sit down with someone who does not have skin like yours and they want to have a discussion about race, well for me the hair on the back of my necks stands and all kinds of alarms go off, because I have been in conversations like this where the person or persons just don’t get it.
They don’t understand, nor do they have capacity to try to understand. They simply want you to cosign in someway that working with people of color can get them a grant, or tap into the hot button issue to sell tickets.

Passing it Forward3However, this god send of an individual Acia Gray is the complete opposite. This woman has understanding, sensitivity and amazing heart as evident from the artists she brings in the room  Yuka, Jeremy, Dre, Siobhan. So as a black man first and then artist, I had to be sure this was not going to be a shallow attempt to explore the idea of the American dream and how great this country is but how horrible this country has been to people of color, and riding with Acia on this journey as  in our 2010 “Voices Of Rhythm” performance was hard, amazing, scary but at the end of the day beautiful.

She is rhythm and we as artists and human beings are able to connect on a deep level because we leave ego outside the creative process.

The world premiere of Passing it Forward runs April 21- May 1 in the Rollins Studio Theatre. Tickets are still available and can be purchased here.

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