Let Long Center Rewards Get You to Oz (For Free!)

By now, you’ve probably seen, heard, or read about the Long Center’s newest rewards program (if not, we’ll wait while you catch yourself up here). When we say rewards, we mean rewards– and really awesome ones at that. One of our favorites right now? Two FRONT ROW tickets to see The Wizard of Oz on Saturday, May 28th.


The best part about Long Center Rewards is that the program is absolutely free to join and use. All you need to do to start earning points is download the app (iPhone users this way, Android users that way) or sign up on the official Rewards website, and then visit the Long Center and much as you possibly can! Points are awarded for liking us on social media, coming to shows and events, and inviting your friends in on the fun! And for a very limited time, you earn DOUBLE the points just for signing up- if there was ever such a thing as a win-win situation, this is it.


But back to those FRONT ROW The Wizard of Oz tickets. To enter, simply open the app (or log onto your account on the Rewards site), go to the “Prizes” tab, find the raffle, and enter. Each entry costs 25 points (to put it in perspective, that’s what you’d earn from “liking” 3 posts on Facebook. Pretty awesome, right?), and your first entry is on us! Enter as many times as you’d like. The winner will be drawn on May 16th, and you may very well be the lucky winner of two tickets to the national tour of The Wizard of Oz!


Still have questions about the Long Center Rewards? Read our gif-filled how-to blog here.

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The best part? We won’t even make you click your heels together.

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