All About the Long Center’s Newest App

Love the Long Center? There’s an app for that. This week, the Long Center is rolling out the newest and most convenient way for patrons to interact, share, and earn some pretty awesome rewards—the Long Center Rewards app.

Long Center Rewards is a rich and dynamic loyalty program available online and as a mobile app that rewards Long Center fans and patrons with the opportunity to earn points through purchasing tickets, engaging on social media, attending performances and events, and interacting with mobile beacons. Points are redeemed for free tickets, exclusive “money can’t buy” experiences, VIP opportunities, autographed merchandise and more!

It’s all very exciting, but for those of you that are “I have to do what now?”—we have you covered.

How do I get it?


To download the app and immediately become eligible to earn points and earn rewards (we’ll get there), search Long Center Rewards on either the iTunes or Android app store, and download it. It’s completely free.

How does it work?


Open the app and select “join.” Fill out all of the relevant information (if you’ve purchased tickets from the Long Center before, make sure you provide the same email address, phone number, etc. you used before). Can’t remember what information you’ve used? Feel free to give our box office a call at 512-474-5664. Make sure you turn on location services and allow push notifications.

Let’s get social!


Make sure you connect all of your social media accounts through the app (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). The more platforms you connect, the more opportunities you have to earn a boatload of points.

What are these points you speak of?


You can earn points by doing essentially anything related to the Long Center- sharing our Facebook posts, retweeting us, liking our Instagram photos, buying tickets and coming to a show. These points can all be redeemed for different rewards.

Did someone say rewards?


Under the “Prizes” tab, you’ll see all of the rewards you can redeem, and contests you can enter. These range from gift certificates to the Long Center, to a Donor Lounge experience for 2, to having your photo on our building for a week! Explore, enter, and get excited about all of the free goodies you can get just for doing what you probably already do. And the rewards are always changing- so keep checking!

So what do I do now?

giphy (1)

Interact with us on social media and visit us as much as you can! Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on whenever you visit, so we can thank you for coming with a lovely bundle of points.

Questions? Tweet us at @longcenter or email!



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