Why You Need to Take Your Family to Where the Wild Things Are this April

School is in the hustle and bustle of its second semester, and spring break has just come to a close. Come April- you’re much overdue for a fun family outing. Lucky for Austin, Where the Wild Things Are (yes, a play based on everyone’s favorite picture book) is coming to the Long Center for one full week. So load up the kids, buy your tickets, and read our list of reasons why this play is one you just can’t miss.

It’s the perfect introduction to live theatre.


It’s no secret that we’re fans of the performing arts around here… and sharing that love with new audiences is our specialty. Where the Wild Things Are is designed for kids, so your little (or not so little) ones can sit, interact, and play, without you having to worry about that one-hour-in fussiness (because the show only is one hour).

The story doesn’t just come to life- the audience becomes part of the magic, too.


There are two places for the audience to sit for Where the Wild Things Are, a participatory area and a regular seating area. The participatory seating area is on the floor on “island mats” on three sides of the set, and is perfect for ages 4-7.

It’s not just us- the critics love it, also.


“It’s so rare to find a play that’s this good, it has the depth to span across, and appeal to, multiple generations….Where the Wild Things Are is a fantastic entry point into the theatre world for young children, and should be necessary for all adults as well so they can regain a bit of the childlike wonder they’ve lost growing up.” —Examiner.com

We could all use a little life-break to use our imagination and be kids again.


Parents, too.

If kids can watch a play, have fun, and learn something- that’s a pretty banner day for everyone.


The show promotes, Growth Mindset (belief that your intelligence and ability can increase with effort), perseverance, creative thinking, critical thinking, communication , and collaboration.

It’s Where the Wild Things Are… enough said.


If you love the book and enjoyed the movie, odds are you’ll walk out of the Rollins Theatre pretty excited about the play, as well.

NOTE: This production is best for ages 4 – 7. Children 4 – 7 years will sit in the Participation area on the floor.  

Where the Wild Things Are comes to life in the Rollins Studio Theatre April 13-17th. For tickets, call our box office at 512-474-5664.

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