10 Things We Learned Watching “Grease: Live!”

Odds are, if you’re like us, your January 31st evening consisted of sitting on the couch and watching FOX’s Grease Live (along with millions of other people across the world) and probably singing along while simultaneously wondering why they didn’t cast you (No? Just us? Ok). And while we had our doubts and fears, we have to admit- it was pretty fantastic (not to mention educational). Here are ten of the many things we learned watching the live musical.

10. Fourth walls are optional.


Grease Live didn’t just ignore the fourth wall- they completely and utterly rid themselves of it. And we have to admit, though frustrating at first, it was actually a bit adorable. Oh, and the more sets, the better.

9. Vanessa Hudgens can perform.


We always knew she had talent (High School Musical, anyone?) but Vanessa killed it as Rizzo. Infinite mic drops following her rendition of “There Are Worse Things I Could Do.”

8. NBC is probably shaking in their boots a little bit.


Don’t get us wrong- we love NBC. They brought the idea of the live musical back to television and Broadway back into our homes. But the bar has been set by FOX- let’s hope December’s Hairspray can reach it.

7. Nothing is as precious as a Didi Conn cameo. Except maybe when Eve Plumb joins in on the fun.


Grease’s original French (Conn) graced the stage (screen?) as the diner waitress- but was just as adorable as when we first saw her drop out beauty school in the original film. TV’s own Jan Brady- erm- Ms. Murdoch- once again graced our television sets, as well.

6. It may be TV, but Broadway still gets all the love.


From Tony winning costume designer William Ivey Long, to Broadway alum Aaron Tveit and director Thomas Kail all started (and continue to rep!) on the Great White Way.

5. We’ll probably spend the next 364 days trying to figure out how to land a spot in that live audience…


And we’ll also spend some time lobbying for them to be in period costume, too.

4. “Remember- if you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter!” should be the universal theatre kid motto.


Don’t argue this one with us.

3. Julianne Hough can play the young, naive ingenue all she wants- she rocks at it.


She’s played Sherry in Rock of Ages and now the all-American, wholesome Sandy, but there’s no denying she killed “Hopelessly Devoted to You.”

2. When in doubt, search the #GreaseLive.


From Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hilarious tweets, to LOL-worthy audience reactions, to gifs on gifs on gifs, Twitter was the (second) best place to be on Sunday night.

  1. It’s not the original, but it was still pretty fantastic.


Can we start the countdown to the next live musical now?

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