Once Upon An Evening… Support the Long Center!

Will you help turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary memory?

Last year, more than 400,000 individuals made the Long Center part of their life. Whether it was to be inspired by an amazing show, attend a meeting or special event, take a picture or propose to that special someone with the Austin skyline in the background, or just hang out, the Long Center plays a vital role in our community.

Recently, a group of children from a Title 1, low-income school attended a show as part of our Long Reach for the Arts program. Each of the 19 kids had never been to the Long Center before and most had never seen a live performance. The excitement from seeing the show spilled out onto our city terrace as their wide-eyes marveled at the beautiful night skyline at intermission. Seeing their excitement at these new experiences was a wonderful reminder of how important these moments of inspiration are to our young people.

These are memories everyone should experience and YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

We need your support, though, to help us continue this important work of enriching lives through arts experiences!

Your donation of:

$50         helps give a seat to a young person who might not ever have the opportunity to come to the Long Center.

$125       provides a scholarship for a 5-12 year-old to attend the “Theatre For All” day camp.

$250       underwrites two costumes for a young person in a Summer Stock Austin show.

$500       helps provide professional training for high school students interested in pursuing a long-term career in theatre.

$1000    helps subsidize a performance at the Long Center by a local artist and/or arts group.

However, a gift of any size supports this important mission and is greatly appreciated! As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Long Center’s mission is to enrich lives by being a community gathering place where creativity happens.

Everyone should be able to picture themselves at the Long Center. Just say YES and help us share that thrill with those who might not be able to experience it.

Come grow with us and unleash your inner-child…the magic starts here! DONATE NOW!

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