Blue Man Group Stages Comic “Alien” Invasion

It’s that time of year again- when everyone’s favorite blue men don their facepaint and killer dance moves for the party of the year, otherwise known as Blue Man Group. And it’s your last chance to see this one-of-a-kind show for the next few years, as Blue Man Group will be taking a hiatus from touring.

And just in case you forgot how incredible awesome Blue Man Group really is, we’re here to remind you. Read the Dallas Newsreview below, and get pumped for the show of the season!

For a group of clueless, blank-faced aliens, The Blue Man Group certainly knows how to get a laugh.

Like all good comics, the Blue Men have lots things to say about this strange world we live in. They mocked information overload in a witty bit featuring enormous iPhones. They ridiculed consumerism with fake Viagra ads, mocked overpriced abstract art, and poked fun at junk-food culture with a romantic Twinkie dinner.

But it wasn’t so much the message as the medium that counted. Presenting themselves as lovable poker-faced humanoids who can’t speak, they came off as three Harpo Marxes acting like E.T. in an episode of Monty Python.

The fish-out- of-water act played best when they ventured into the audience to observe their human fans up close. One funny but gross bit began as live-camera oral exam and ended as a full-blown colonoscopy.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Blue Man Group show without various liquids being expelled from the body or blasted into the air with drum sticks. Taking a cue from Gallagher, the Blue Men passed out ponchos to fans who seemed positively delighted to be seated in the spray zone.

The show ended with a hilarious Rock Concert Instruction Manual, complete with bizarre rump euphemisms, streamers, and a ballet of giant color-shifting balls bouncing up to the balconies. For a group of cold-blooded extraterrestrials, these blue men definitely know how to put on a rockin’ grand finale.

Read the entire review hereBlue Man Group returns to the Long Center one last time December 26-17, and tickets can be purchased here.

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