It’s Not That Easy Being…Blue?! Behind the Scenes with Blue Man Group

Touring across the world with elaborate performances and a trio of odd characters, the Blue Man Group is known for the magic, excitement, and, well, extreme party they effortlessly bring to stages across the country. But before jumping out in front of hundreds of audiences, a Blue Man is…well, just a man. A talented one, no question, but putting the blue in the Blue Man isn’t as easy as you’d think. So what is the process from Average Joe to that mesmerizingly talented blue alien guy that doesn’t talk? We took a quick look into our favorite part- the creative process.

Isaac Eddy, a former 12 year (let that sink in!) member of Blue Man Group, shined a little light on the makeup process in an interview with Atlas Obscura. Let’s just the bald cap is the only thing that’s just plain ordinary.  Isaac mentioned an “old school grease paint” which is slabbed on nice and thick all over their heads, before they move to a makeup artist who finished up details around their face and hands…

….Think Elphaba from Wicked.

The finishing touch is their simple black outfits that mimic their anonymous -yet still identifiable- characters.

Blue Man Group warms up for their highly technical shows by throwing things around together. Well, not literally. Maybe literally. Prepping for the next hour of performance includes going over songs, steps, and what surprises they’ll bring to the audience that day.

Onstage, it may seem like fun chaos and unexpected surprises, whenin actuality each part of the performance is strictly planned. With main direction by the original three Blue Men (Matt Goldman, Chris Wink and Phil Stanton) there is still a home for originality and growth in all performances.

But being strictly planned doesn’t mean it becomes a routine. And the fun of being in the audience is not knowing the routine from the spontaneity.

Have a BLUE Christmas! Blue Man Group returns to the Long Center December 26-27. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here.

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