Experience Architects of Air From the Inside Out: Become a Volunteer!

This November, we’re thrilled to welcome back Architects of Air with their new luminarium, Pentalum. This unforgettable, interactive art experience takes guests inside the installation where they can look, feel, walk, and explore what can best be described as a giant kaleidoscope. For those that have experienced, they’ll tell you what a treat it is. For those new to Architects of Air, get excited for one of the most beautiful and memorable experiences the city has to offer.


But have you ever thought about exploring it from the inside out? Spending a few extra hours inside the luminarium, watching families, children, and art enthusiasts explore? Being a part of the magic? You can- it’s as simple as becoming a Long Center volunteer and Architects of Air steward.

What do stewards do?

Luminarium stewards play several roles. There is the practical aspect of running of the structure, such as opening doors and selling tickets. More importantly, stewards engage with the public – which is where they make their biggest contribution: helping visitors have a great luminarium experience.

There are five work stations and two general areas. Generally stewards rotate between these stations. The work stations include:

  • Reception area
  • Front of House
  • Outer Airlock Door
  • Airlock Speech
  • Inner Airlock Door
  • Interior Patrol
  • Line Management

Stewards Timeline: The whole day is divided into 2 shifts of 4.5 hours each. During their 4.5 hour shift,  stewards work each of the work stations for 30 minutes and they get a 30 minute break.

1 hour before opening: Call time.

  • Stewards are dressed and waiting at the entrance area for a short briefing. Then everyone pitches in and gets ready to open.

Opening time – Stewards at the work stations begin their rotation – each person works 30 minutes at each station, then rotates to the next one.AoA4

  • Ticket takers take tickets and greet guests.
  • Reception area stewards direct people to remove and store their shoes.
  • Outer airlock door stewards open the outside entrance and admit guests.
  • Airlock Speech steward welcomes guests to the luminarium with some brief remarks.
  • Inner airlock door stewards open the inner entrance to the luminarium.
  • Interior patrol stewards walk around inside the luminarium to keep an eye on the guests.

Closing time – At the end of the 2nd shift, the areas are cleared and the luminarium is deflated.

  • At the end of the day stewards help clear all the area and watch the luminarium deflate.

AoA6This is a brief description of a luminarium steward’s 4.5 hour shift. But you really have to experience the colors, sounds, smiles, and fun of the luminarium. Join us – you’ll love it!

Plus, all Architects of Air stewards and volunteers receive two tickets to select Long Center holiday shows. Spend your holidays with us!

For volunteer opportunities, contact Ken Shepardson, Guest Services Manager, at kshepardson@thelongcenter.org, or (512) 457-5170.


Architects of Air: Pentalum will be open to the public Friday, November 20th until Sunday November 29th. It is closed Thanksgiving Day. Weekday hours run 11-5, and weekends 10-5. For pricing and important information, RSVP on Facebook or visit our event page.

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