Tapestry Puts Homelessness “In Your Shoes”

Tapestry’s 2015-16 Season premiere In Your Shoes is a look into the world that most of us seem so distant from: homelessness.

Whether we want to admit it or not, we are only one step away from losing our secure lives if we are indeed blessed to have one.  All it takes is a missed paycheck, an illness, depression or insecurity that has no support from others, losing family, returning to a country you fought for but have no home, or escaping from a home that is no longer…

When we see homeless souls around us, we have to realize that there’s a history attached to that humanity, and that everyone is just one decision or event away from security, warmth, family and a home.

In Your Shoes takes a close look at five unique individuals in their present homelessness, and returns to the reality that put them there.

When I (Tapestry director Acia Gray) was working with this year’s Tapestry principal dancers who range in age from 24 to 34, I challenged them to this state of being.  I took a lot of control from them by setting the music choices as well as whom they represent – an orphan, a runaway, a soldier, a businessman, and a natural disaster victim.  Yes, they had freedom to express, but in the limitations of the chosen environment. In setting these guidelines, the dancers were asked to choreograph two solos: a present state of homelessness, and the situation or mindset that put them there.  To the music of Imogen Heap, Ken Nordine, and Rhythm & Sound (among others), the production sets the stage with a community of people that are not unlike ourselves… just another pair of shoes having walked a slightly different path.

Shaped by ensemble work that utilize the rhythms of passing people, waiting, watching and observance, we are all challenged to pay attention and realize we are all the same.

Tapestry Dance Company presents In Your Shoes, a world premiere, October 1-11 in the Rollins Studio Theatre.

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