Behind the Curtain with the Spirit of India’s Rahis Bharti

This October, the Bollywood Masala Orchestra and Dancers invite Austin to experience the Spirit of India. The vision of one of India’s greatest musical figures, Rahis Bharti, the Spirit of India gives an authentic taste of richness and excitement of Indian music.

Rahis Bharti is more than just the brain behind this operation- his talents and visions have led to an album (available both on Spotify and on our playlist below), a well-known gypsy troupe called Dhoad, and multiple touring productions. sat down with the Bollywood visionary to discuss his hefty resume, performance skills, and upcoming projects.

IR : Rahis Bharti, could you first introduce yourself to our visitors ?

RB : I am Rahis Bharti belongs to Indian traditional family of musicians from Rajasthan, Tabla player and Director artistic of Dhoad Gypsies from  Rajasthan and Jaipur Maharaja Brass Band. After playing in different projects Routes of the Gypsies, International Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio I had represented India, Esma Redzepova Gypsy Queen from Macedonia, Flamenco Route from Spain, Sassa from Swiss, Different Corsican groupes, Cinquiso, Carmin Belgodere. After playing more than 500 Concerts around the world in last 7 Years, playing in 5 Continents, around 35 Countries.

IR : Who are the Dhoad ? Is it an ethnic concept, is it a jati, just the name of your group, what else ?

RB : Dhoad is the band Various maestros of musicians from Rajasthan. Dhoad is Created by Rahis Bharti six years before. Dhoad is Small Village in Rajasthan Where my Family is originated, my family ancestors was well known all around for there Music from seven generations, that why i wants to keep them alive by creating Dhoad, I selected all the best musicians from different small villages and cities from Rajasthan, and now we become traveller,  Dhoad is Known as Cultural Ambassadors of Rajasthan From Asia to Europe to North America, Dhoad is composed of Several castes of musicians from Rajasthan, poets, Troubadours, singers, harmonium, Jew harps, Tabla, Dholak, castagnettes, Dancers like Kalbeliya, teeratali, Fakir, eating the fires, dancing over the knives. Who brings with original instruments, voices, illusions, musical travelling to Rajasthan.

IR : In which way can we say Dhoad music, dance, (poetry ?) are something spiritual ?

RB : Dhoad music is spiritual because there is heart inside, and love, passion, for us music is our life and prayer and we work as meditation by creating our own way musically rich and better and better.

IR : There are also Gypsies in Europe : have you contacts with them ? Do you feel any shared values, habits… with them ?

RB : Dhoad has already played different groups of Gypsies from Spain, Swiss, Czech, Macedonia, Romania, Italy etc, we did not speak the same language, not same countries, but in music we feel we are together they ways of singing dance and expressions.

The full interview is available here, and Bharti’s musical album, Roots Travelers, is available to stream below.

Rahis Bharti joins the Bollywood Masala Orchestra and Dancers October 21st in the Spirit of India at the Long Center. Tickets are on sale now.

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